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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Give a purpose to life

There comes a point in life when you become the loneliest person on earth. Even though everyone is still around you but your heart becomes incomplete. You try to seek refuge in your friends and you get to know that your friends left you too. They weren't with you because of you but because of something associated with you. It maybe either the fact that you were a bright student in class and everybody wanted to be your friend or that you had money and your friends were those only who loved you for your money solely. When you loose these worldly qualities, you also loose your friends because they were never your friends in real. They just loved you for your talents and the status associated with you. Once you loose them, you loose everything.
After that the painful part of life starts for you because this world has really less people, who are genuinely good in heart and selfless, to offer. You become lonely. No one even bothers to ask from your existing friends that if you are living or dead and then two things can happen. Either you take the wrong path in life or choose the right one. Loneliness kills more than anything in life because of the highest level of negativity associated with it. The easy way out of it can be that you choose the wrong path and make wrong friends and make it all fine. It seems so easy but it will not give a happy ending not only in this life but also in hereafter. Such a person who goes through these hard times in life should trust Allah and show patience to Him and even get more close to Him to save himself from going astray. This is not a thing to be sad about but be happy that Allah showed you the truth of this world that no one stays but Allah and in your grave too, you will be alone and have to deal with your deeds alone. Your mistakes in life don't come to you so that you keep on wasting time on regretting them and feeling bad about yourself but they come to teach you that you were doing wrong and you had wrong priorities and now it's time to cover up all that. Have positive attitude in life; Learn from your mistakes and learn how to correct them. Life is short so make a difference in life by helping others and by teaching them that they also need to help others. These are simple rules of life which make life more beautiful and meaningful and will help us in our hereafter too. :-)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Who is a Girl?

♥ A GIRL is the most beautiful part of Gods creation...
♥ She starts compromising at a very tender age...
♥ She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother...
♥ Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face...
♥ She sacrifices her Comfort and desires for her In-Laws...
♥ She sacrifices her full youth for her husband and children without complain...
♥ And finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness...
♥ She is that creature of God who no one can compete...
♥ Respect every girl/lady in your life. You will never know what she has sacrificed for you...♥♥♥

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Acts of Rape in a Society

I learnt this from somewhere that in a research it was said that more than 50% of the Pakistani Women don't stay virgin before their marriage and more than 80% in the USA. I don't know about the authenticity of the percentages but the matter of fact is that it is a true and serious issue.
Though, I know that Veena Malik's Astaghfaar transmission is a retarded show but a caller in her show said about the girls, whose lives get destroyed by the usual boyish issues, that it is a girl's fault that why such thing as rape or something wrong like that happens in her life. Here's the link: To save your time watch from 5:05-6:30.
The thing what he said has made me write this because as the caller was proceeding, millions of things were coming in my mind to defend the girls and to answer him a great deal. Not only him, but this trend has often been accepted to say that any girl who goes through any such thing like rape etc, it is considered to be her fault. I believe it to be the most conservative thought which exists even in the modern society and so called educated and literate families too. I want to ask here that won't any girl who is in Hijaab somewhere outside alone in the middle of the night with some very important purpose of any kind, of taking someone to hospital in the nick of time because no one other was available, gets raped? Who gives the guarantee that she won't?
This is an easy way out for the males to say that it was the girls fault and they don't have anything to do with it. Yeah, this excuse is good to make your conscience satisfied in the end of the day. In a society like ours, in which the males dominate, if any girl goes through such thing, she just has to shut her mouth up and never speak of anything of what happened to her because her own family refuses to support her in these matters. The basics of a society totally get destroyed by these things running in them.
I once saw a documentary on call girls on youtube and I really liked it. Here's the link of one of its parts:
Even though they are call girls but they are still humans and they also have self respect like all others. One thing common in all the call girls shown in this show is that they all belong to poor families. Situations of life made them this way and they themselves hate their lives so much. Will anyone say here too that these girls deserve this all and it's their fault? I would just say here to such people that fear Allah of judging them and thank Allah that He didn't put you in such a test as this. It's just like living a dead life. Your life is not even yours and instead, controlled by other people. This is so heart breaking. On the contrary, there are other girls who belong to rich families and do such things with their own will when they don't even need to. So, it is Allah who has to judge, not us.
I agree with the fact that it is also not only a male's fault because in a vulgar society like ours, young boys have to deal with the girls who are wearing shorts and all the crap being shown in the Indian Films and media. These things tempt a boy to fulfill his lustful desires in a wrong way. In Islam, it is that to prevent such sins one should get married but in today's world, marriage has become so difficult and takes time whereas boys want to find an easy way out. So, in one way, this thing of illegal relationships which is gradually prevailing in our society, nothing can be done about it if it comes to one individual because everyone is constantly being exposed to the shamelessness and vulgarity every time because of the media, the values which we are promoting to our children and the lack of education. Education really in terms of education of having moral values and avoiding such wrong acts. What we can do is to decrease its number so that at least the individuals who do such deeds in some peer pressure or seeing others, don't have to do it. This can be done by the strong up bringing and educating the youth that it's not wrong if they have not done anything illegal like, pre-marital relationships, to make them get rid of the peer pressure.
Sometimes girls are wrong too and some girls do it with their own will but still, whatever the case is, the boy is again free to go anywhere to play with the next girl. It is not the boy who sacrifices anything and whose dignity and respect goes. It's only the girl in every way that she has to pay for the prices of first trusting the boy, then afraid of her parents knowing about it and again ends up getting her life destroyed.
I believe it to be the biggest mistakes of parents too of both the boys and the girls that why these things exist in our society. If the parents had been good enough, then they would have never let their boy free and do whatever outside his home. It's a mothers responsibility that she should keep on telling her son that he needs to respect other women. I believe that these things start from home where males are given more priority and parents also support them and give priority to them over their sisters which puts this in a boy's mind to rule over women and to control them whether it is outside or inside their homes.
The parents of the girls need to give them security of this that they love her and will be with her in every matter of life. They need to make her assure that they will not judge her without the proper information and freak out if they find out something like this in their daughter's life. This will make the girls more open of their problems towards her parents and save her life and the useless struggle which she has to go through outside her home.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bullay Shah

Usse Yari kabhi na rakhiyo jisse apne te guroor howay,

Maa Baap Nu bura na kahiyo,chahe lakh unhan da kasoor howay,

Rah chalte nu dil nadaiyo,chahe lakh chehre te noor howay,

O Bulliya Dosti sirf uthe kariyo jithe dosti nibhawan da dastoor howay...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Internal Happiness

Everyone has their own problems in their lives. No one is internally happy. But what can make us happy is to follow the path of satisfaction.

The path of virtue and spirit.

The path to understand the one Who created us.

Once we succeed in understanding Him, we will be able to understand this world and then, situations will understand us and keep us happy..

Already within you

The inspiration you seek is already within you.
Be silent and listen.

- Rumi